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  • Miami University MFA 30 July, 2017
    I have joined the low-residency MFA program at Miami University, where Hoa Nguyen and Laura Van Prooyen are the poetry mentors.  These poets join the experimental-minded poetry faculty in Miami’s residential MFA program, Keith Tuma, Cathy Wagner, and cris cheek for an intimate poetics program well-versed in the history of experimental poetry and performance. […]

One of the more useful courses I’m taking this semester is Indexing and Surrogation.  I haven’t taken Cataloging yet (it’s next semester) but I like dealing with metadata and just thinking about metadata (I also like saying the word “metadada” to myself and thinking about Tristan Tzara).  When I did my MA in Comparative Literature, I did it in the Comparative Literature Department here at SUNY Buffalo.  Like many Comparative Literature departments, it is more of a continental philosophy department than a literature department.  Literature is only one of the possible media to consider after learning theory.  The Department heavily prioritizes post-structuralist thought.  I like discussing metadata because the discussions are informed by post-structuralism, although I have yet to hear the term itself mentioned in any of my classes.

Anyway, today I used CINDEX to create an index for Indexing class.  I was skeptical at first as to why I needed to use CINDEX when it isn’t that difficult to index in a Word document, but I was quickly convinced that CINDEX is awesome.  It does all the formatting, cross-referencing and alphabetizing for you.  I’m sure it has even more advanced features but I was using it for a pretty basic index.  I recommend it.


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