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  • Portfolio site I made a portfolio website using Adobe’s... 8 January, 2018
    Portfolio site I made a portfolio website using Adobe’s MyPortfolio to show my print design work and some of the book arts education I’ve done, mostly at Indian Springs School, but now also at the Vestavia Hills Library in the Forest.

One of the more useful courses I’m taking this semester is Indexing and Surrogation.  I haven’t taken Cataloging yet (it’s next semester) but I like dealing with metadata and just thinking about metadata (I also like saying the word “metadada” to myself and thinking about Tristan Tzara).  When I did my MA in Comparative Literature, I did it in the Comparative Literature Department here at SUNY Buffalo.  Like many Comparative Literature departments, it is more of a continental philosophy department than a literature department.  Literature is only one of the possible media to consider after learning theory.  The Department heavily prioritizes post-structuralist thought.  I like discussing metadata because the discussions are informed by post-structuralism, although I have yet to hear the term itself mentioned in any of my classes.

Anyway, today I used CINDEX to create an index for Indexing class.  I was skeptical at first as to why I needed to use CINDEX when it isn’t that difficult to index in a Word document, but I was quickly convinced that CINDEX is awesome.  It does all the formatting, cross-referencing and alphabetizing for you.  I’m sure it has even more advanced features but I was using it for a pretty basic index.  I recommend it.

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