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  • Miami University MFA 30 July, 2017
    I have joined the low-residency MFA program at Miami University, where Hoa Nguyen and Laura Van Prooyen are the poetry mentors.  These poets join the experimental-minded poetry faculty in Miami’s residential MFA program, Keith Tuma, Cathy Wagner, and cris cheek for an intimate poetics program well-versed in the history of experimental poetry and performance. […]

For my LIS 506: Introduction to Information Technology course, my partner Jeannie Hoag and I put together a web archive of the monthly little magazine of experimental women’s poetry I make/edit, FoursquareFoursquare has long had a blog, but it is made in such small quantities that few people have access to it.  Since Volume 3 is still for sale, we did not include it in the archive, but it will be added when it sells out.  Volumes 1 and 2 are now available to read online.  The digital archive links from the Foursquare link on the main press website for Outside Voices.


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