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  • Portfolio site I made a portfolio website using Adobe’s... 8 January, 2018
    Portfolio site I made a portfolio website using Adobe’s MyPortfolio to show my print design work and some of the book arts education I’ve done, mostly at Indian Springs School, but now also at the Vestavia Hills Library in the Forest.

This semester I am taking LIS 563: Digital Libraries, taught by my advisor, Jianqiang Wang. Many of the library students who worked with me last semester are in my group for our semester project: Jeannie Hoag (who coded for the Foursquare archive), Nell Aronoff (who collaborated on one of the Artists’ Books projects), Jaclyn McLaughlin (who was in my group for multiple projects, including the case study), Joshua Mitch (who was, again, in many groups for LIS 505, the intro course which did not yield projects of enough interest to be blogged about), and Donna White, a local artist who I know through other channels.

Having asked these people to be in a group for 563 before the semester even began, we were able to brainstorm ideas for the final project after the first class session. The final project is to build a digital library. During our first meeting we discussed a lot of different ideas, and in our second meeting we whittled the selection down to two ideas. We then put out feelers on these and got back some feedback from the people we’d have to work with to make the libraries. We then decided to pursue the Buffalo Arts Digital Library, which will be an archive of work from artists from many genres who are working in Buffalo.

So far, we have gotten off the ground with some design colors, web 2.0 (tumblr, Facebook, blog, twitter), a print ad in the local arts newspaper (ArtVoice) to generate contributions, a timeline and proposal, large jobs broken up into smaller jobs and the 6-person group broken up into smaller teams for each task… and we chose the software (Greenstone) (we don’t have any money or we would probably choose CONTENTdm). In other words, we are moving at a steady, even rapid, pace. As the semester progresses it’s likely that I won’t blog about this project here, but updates will be on the Buffalo Arts Digital Library blog if you’re interested in seeing what develops; the final product will be linked from here in late April.

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