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BADL Project Update and PPT



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Today my group turned in our extensive paper, PPT, and digital library prototype for my Digital Libraries class and gave our 45-minute presentation and demonstration. The DL, Buffalo Arts Digital Library, was created in Greenstone but we have not been able to successfully get it to work on the server space given to us by the school. We’re planning to migrate it to a new server space or to a different DL software in the next few months. For the time being and the purpose of the course, it was just important to get the library populated and working.

Our collection of over 150 digitized items was created in about 3 mos and features visual art, literature, music and film by contemporary Buffalo artists, all organized and cataloged. Here is the PowerPoint that explains the project. Once the DL is up and web-accessible, I will post the link. For now, the domain name simply links to the project’s blog, which is not terribly informative but does show how we collected items and metadata.


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