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The first two months



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I started working at my current job as a high school librarian last March.  After the first six weeks, I wrote up a list of what I’d done.

Library Maintenance

  • Acquainted myself with our current holdings
  • Ran reports to ascertain what sections were old, getting used the least, etc.
  • Researched current fiction and nonfiction and selected titles based on our needs
  • Made a survey form to poll faculty about the topics they teach
  • Ordered key books for the fields mentioned as classroom/research project topics
  • Ordered specific books/DVDs based on faculty and student requests
  • Bought hardback used books in good condition to fill gaps in collection
  • Bought style guides and pedagogical tools for “6 Traits Writing” for teachers and the writing center
  • Increased library holdings by between 1-2% with significant increases in poetry, classic fiction, banned books, medieval history, Middle Eastern history, economics, and Russian history


  • Cataloged hundreds of books on the cataloging shelf that were backlogged from the previous librarian’s departure
  • Cataloged incoming materials
  • Original cataloging (this entails making the Dewey call number for a book) for about 5% of acquisitions


  • Cleaned up the magazine section so that only issues from the past few months were out
  • Ascertained which magazines were getting read to shift our subscriptions
  • Subscribed to Concord Review


  • Weeded roughly 200 outdated science and social science books


  • Created themed displays with books and visual aids to draw attention to books in our collection to increase circulation:
    • Earth Day
    • National Poetry Month
    • Poetry post-1970 (for Douglas’s class)
    • National Poetry Writing Month
    • Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham (for D-Day)
    • Arab-American Heritage Month
  • Created displays to commemorate books that have served in our collection but are now outdated/broken (“Weeded Books” display in glass cabinet)


  • Got quotes for JSTOR and OverDrive
  • Assessed current database usage to determine what to renew

Social Media


  • Developed 2011-12 Library Budget

General Maintenance

  • Dusted shelves (D-Day)
  • Exercised books (D-Day)


  • Supervised the student assistant in book processing
    • Processing
    • Shelving
    • Circulation

Ex Libris
Writing Center

  • Met with Commissioners of Education to determine the course of the writing center for next year
  • Acquired materials for the writing center as well as about running writing centers

Faculty/Curriculum Support

  • (See Acquisitions)
  • Discussed writing curriculum with 8th and 9th grade teachers
  • Helped sub for teachers when away


  • Met with Academic, 8th/9th Grade Planning, and Tech Committees
  • Developed plan to marry library with tech in the classrooms (OverDrive/iPad plan)
  • Developing 10-point Information Literacy instruction plan to incorporate research education in grades 8-12

Goals for May-June

  • Inventory
  • Continue acquisition-cataloging
  • Retrieve copies currently in circulation and collect outstanding fees

Pre-August Goals

  • 10-point Info Literacy plan
  • Writing Center
    • Editing/revision worksheets
    • Tutorial/training for tutors
    • Acquire rubrics/sample essays
    • Develop orientation procedure for new tutors

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