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What do librarians do at work?



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Monday: Transferred files to my new computer, cataloged, researched new releases

Tuesday: Finished Google Power Searching class, substituted for a math class

Wednesday: Guest-taught basic research skills to 10th grade Art History electives, cataloged, tried to help assistant load new plastic into the laminator (how do people do this??),

Thursday: Prepared P.O. for new acquisitions, submitted it, placed order for 50+ new books, faculty meeting

Friday: Subbed for history, graded

Every day: help students with the catalog, copier, or in finding a book; grade; class prep; teach World Lit; try to pry information about upcoming assignments out of teachers so I can be better prepared to help students find what they need; check books in, check mail

Things I’m supposed to be doing: developing a curriculum for information literacy for 8-12th grades; cataloging backlog of donated materials; taking donated materials we don’t want to secondhand bookstore; recataloging a shelf full of “problem” books I found while doing inventory last spring….


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