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Conference Posters

2014 ALLA Collaborative Weeding

2013 ALLA Using Curricular Programming to Increase Circulation


Writing Projects

Guest Blogging and Feature Writing about Libraries

“Letters to a Young Librarian” Guest Post

Boog City (Libraries Editor beginning with Issue 80)

Library as Incubator Project Guest Post

Library Journal Guest Post


School Library Projects

Projects completed on the job for Indian Springs School in Birmingham, AL

Library Social Networking/Marketing (Tumblr) (About.me) (LibraryThing)

Indian Springs School Visiting Writers Series (FB) (Tumblr) (SoundCloud)

Archives (Flickr)

Syllabi (World Lit 2012) (Feminist Lit 2013) (10th Grade 2013-14) (Experimental Literature 2014-15)


Initial presentation (March 2011)

State of the Library (August 2011) (March 2013)

Basic Research (10th Grade Art History – this PPT has multiple iterations for different subject areas, skill levels, and desired project outcomes, such as this one for Research in the Sciences and this one for 9th Grade History)


LIS Projects

Some of the projects made for my MLS degree at SUNY Buffalo. In general, the title links to a related blog post and the file type name links to the related file.

BADL: The Buffalo Arts Digital Library (site under construction) (PPT) (Blog)

Young Adult Reading Promotion Project

Pathfinder on Itchiku Kubota (Google doc)

Selection and Acquisition of Small and Vanity Press Literary Works in English, 1880-Present (PPT)

Foursquare Digital Archive

A controlled vocabulary for artists’ books (Google doc) (Picasa)

Censorship, Librarianship and Children’s Literature: A Case Study (Google Doc)


Archival Projects

Huck Finn CD-ROM; SUNY Buffalo Poetry Collection (XML Editing Assistant)

Full-color digital facsimile of James Joyce’s Ulysses manuscript; SUNY Buffalo Poetry Collection

Kenneth Rexroth, Clark Coolidge, etc. collections; SUNY Buffalo Poetry Collection

New York Public Library/Internet Archive; Archive.org (sample)

Charles Bernstein’s Papers; UCSD; Archivist – Correspondence

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